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The great Amiga novel

Here it is lady (Cammy) and gents… a book with the Amiga. Yep, not ABOUT the Amiga, Commodore days, rise and fall, yadda yadda… This is a book WITH the Amiga as one of the main characters. To be more precise, it is a fantasy novel about a rag tag party learning about the existence of magical Ami stones (yup, those are exactly what you think they are) and then setting out on an adventure to obtain some for themselves. Because those are, naturally, the most impressive things they have ever seen in their lives. How did these magic stones come to be? How do they work? What is their purpose? All waiting to be discovered. I plan to spread the legend of Amiga far and wide. Even to those who have never heard of it.

Unfortunately, the book is NOT in English language for the time being (I certainly plan to translate it in the future). It is in Serbian. So, I know… very few people can read this at the moment. Still, it is out there, and the story is going to continue in the sequels! This first part is named “MI o Medvedu” which roughly translates as “MI (us – Serbian word play), about the Bear”. The sequel will be named “Rise of the MI clan”.

The novel features tons of Amiga related stuff, starting with the cover design, as you can see (when the book is open, it resembles a full width wedge Amiga), Bodoni XT font used and all. There are many honorable mentions of Amiga stuff (HAM, Blizzards, etc.), and even illustrations (my brother did all of them), all masked a bit of course, to blend with the fantasy story. Topaz font used at the “about the authors” part of the book (it had to be modified a bit for Serbian language). All characters in the novel are real, and some of them will be easily recognizable as legends of the Serbian Amiga scene.

Well that’s about it. I just wanted you all to know we’re doing something to keep the Amiga legend alive. Long live the Amiga!
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