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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
If you're running Workbench and system-friendly programs, you can also enable mouse_integration. With this enabled, the emulated mouse pointer will follow the host mouse cursor.

I don't know of any other workaround apart from that and disabling mouse grabbing, but I'll add information about this to the FS-UAE docs
Thanks for your reply, but mouse integration (which is an option that does not exists in fs-uae-launcher) is probably the same as the "Linux mouse" option. Sorry, but that does not work over VNC. If you want I am happy to give you some ssh access so that you can see for yourself.

If you know the SOASC/SOAMC projects I am the sysop on the server that runs those projects. There is a lot of automation done , and quite frankly it would be more fun to automate stuff on fs-uae than on winuae so mouse control over VNC is really somehting that would be quite useful (for us, maybe not others).

Besides , forwarding audio over network with pulseaudio makes it more interesting to run fs-uae remotely as well.
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