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For those who do not own the 4.1 Final edition update 1 & 2
The 4.1 update 6 Classic can always be used with the Voodoo3
many applications from games such as Quake can be used and even E-UAE the requirements are minimal in many respects and perhaps faster than 4.1FE update1 & 2 to use locally is ideal.
Then you also need a little imagination.
Given the difficulty many times in configuring E-UAE with "JIT" enabled, I created a small package that is easy to install even in 4.1 update 6
I hope it is useful, maybe the workbench 4.1 update 6 can be re-evaluated from this point of view.
And therefore tested more thoroughly by many
here E-UAE:
[ Show youtube player ]
here Quake:
[ Show youtube player ]

still to be configured well it would be nice that many people would do some tests on this :-)

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