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Originally Posted by dssence View Post
Again thanks for taking your time for answering. Well I tried plugging the A501 and for a brief instant like a sec I see a gray screen and then comes the light green. No it does not boot at all either way. It did have corrosion and I cleaned thoroughly but liquid didn't came inside the main pcb.
Any ideas, besides my other reply ?

Thanks again
I would leave the A501 disconnected until you can prove your motherboard is OK and can boot up.

A green screen means that the system can setup/configure memory - so this could either mean a RAM chip itself could be faulty; or a memory address or data line from Agnus or CPU to the RAM chips is broken somewhere. These traces can also go though (and under) some logic chips (U10 to U13, and U34, U35, U32 (on rev 8)), so these needs to be checked too.

I would leave the power going to the RAM chips, as if you remove power to it, then it will be the same as the RAM chip being 'faulty'.

You should use the following resources to check the memory address and data lines:

(Unfortunately, there is only a board view for a rev 8a A500)
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