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Originally Posted by dssence View Post
Hi can you help I’ve got an a500 rev6 board and I’m getting I suppose it’s a light green, and green light blinkin, I already tried to reseat angus 8372a several times, exchanged cia’s , reseated rom , and other chips. I felt some of the soldered rams were warm . this machine had an a501 installed. What I tried was to disable all the VCC supply going to all rams asto check if I still got a green screen. I disabled voltage to rams and still green screen. So what could be the issue? . Is there any jumper I need to move to enable the external a501?
Green screen means there's a problem with the chip ram bus. Either there is a problem with the Agnus, there is a problem with the onboard memory, or there is a problem with the traces and components connecting them.

Disabling onboard chip ram will still give you a green screen as it will fail the poweron check.
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