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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
I upgraded to WinUAE 4.4, still the same problem. It's with the install image of Vampire Virtual Bootloader.

The mouse freezes a few seconds into booting when virtual mouse driver is configured.

Attached my config.
You have a completely wrong configuration for AROS 68k, your configuration with my AROS One 68k worked fine although terribly slow.

On WinUAE you can't use ApolloOS if you don't remove the Vampire hardware commands from the startup sequence, you can't use AROS 68k on a PAL screen and you can't use the KS ROM 1MB Vampire

Requirements to start AROS 68k on WinUAE (the system will boot in a few seconds)

- KS ROM aros-rom.bin (Nightly Build)

- KS ROM aros-ext.bin (Nightly Build)
- CPU 040/060 + JIT
- RAM Z3 Fast 256/512 MB
- Scheda Video UAE Zorro III VRAM 256 MB
- Screenmode 1024x768 Windowed (Recommended for better data sharing with Windows)

This is my AROS One 68k running on WinUAE (you see the speed of the restarts, I use an old PC DualCore)

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