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Enabling "fast sync" on A4091


Can anyone confirm a working fast synchronous mode on their 4091?

I recently found a DKB Rev B board (40.13 ROM). Synchronous mode yields ~4.4 MB/s, 2.6 MB/s asynchronous. These exact drives do just under 10 MB/s on my TekMagic 2060 (same NCR controller).

The "fast sync" mode, which should effectively double the raw transfer rate, doesn't seem to work - the dipswitch on the rear has no effect whatsoever.

Hardware is an A4000 with CSMK2 '060.

My thoughts so far:

1. Maybe the fast sync mode never worked on the 4091
2. The ROM code has some problems with the '060

Apparently, 9 MB/s or so is doable on the similar 4000T scsi, so I'm wondering if the 4091 ROM was simply never finished. The 4000T at least seemed to have several updates to its scsi device over the years.

Any ideas? Does anyone happen to have the older ROM code (40.9) laying around?
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