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[Found: Hill Street Blues] Looking for a... cop game?

Hi everybody, here's what I remember about this game:
1) no idea
2) I can't actually give it a "genre"... i remember it vaguely... strategy I'd say
3) no idea
4) Viewpoint was "top-down bird's eye", like simcity
5) hm... I think i was 9-10 yo when I played it on a friend's Amiga, so early '90s... but it could have been way older... I played it on a standard A500 so it's OCS for sure
6) Commercial (almost certain)
I remember the screen was split in two: on the top half, you could see a topdown view of a city, where you could move using the mouse pointer... you could go on foot or take a police car (like syndicate, but as I stated before I'm almost sure the view was top down NOT isometric) On the bottom half, the screen was filled with icons... I remember a rifle icon, that turned the pointer into a crosshair so that you could shoot pedestrians... a couple of icons to take/leave the car, and I'm sure about an icon with a mugshot or similar that let you create identikits...
One last thing, if I'm not mistaken, sometimes a blonde policewoman appeared to tell you what you had to do...
Thanks in advance for any help...
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