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Originally Posted by JoeJoe View Post
I am currently working on the display and calculation of scores. I have already read the thread "BCD Arithmetic - howto^". The simple adding and subtracting is no problem. But I have to divide the score by 50. Also the points can be increased by graduation 3*90 or 5*240 etc.
Now to my problem. For dividing and multiplying with BCD there are no 1:1 commands. Multiplying can be avoided by using LookUp tables and adding. But for x:50 there is no alternative.

:50 is simple enough (already answered by others), but general multiplication or division in BCD is slow, in general. To multply, use the pen-and-paper algorithm of multiplying digit by digit, then add the partial products by a BCD add. Similarly, a BCD division follows the pen-and-paper algorithm of continuous subtraction until an overflow, and keeping the number of times a number was subtracted, then carry over the remainder, and continue with the next digit.

All these algorithms are slow...
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