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Originally Posted by walkero View Post
> I'm doing this on a fresh OS3.1.4 build but I also have iGame on other CF cards on 0S3.1, should I get rid of iGame on those first before installing the new one?

You do not need to delete other installations. You can have multiple installations anywhere you want. As a matter of fact people use different installations for different type of software, i.e. CD32 games, demos etc.

> Installed but nothing happening when I click iGame

Probably you are missing some libraries. Can you please try to run it from shell? There you will see messages on what exactly is missing.
I installed so much shit I have no idea about but it finally oppened! I was hit with about 3-4 different things call GuigFx and what not.

Will that be all do you think?

Just wondering will my Classis WB 3.1 have most of these things installed on them as well or will I need to do the same (those are the builds I already have the old iGame on btw).
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