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Question FS-UAE > Balancing speed Vs host CPU > & Saved States >

Hi there guys

I was hoping that you could provide some clarity on a couple of questions
for me please

Background: I've got a massive urge to play UFO: Enemy Unknown (AGA version)
I've gotten it up and running and I'm really enjoying it.

However I'm trying to get a balance between using a speedy Amgia, but
not melting my host PC's CPU.

1. When using the stock A-1200 CPU ('020)
The game works fine, but its running rather slow (much like the original
when I played it on a real Amiga years ago).

2. If I set up a new config, and either use an A-1200 (with an '030 or an
'040) CPU or an A-4000 with an ('040 or an '060) CPU the game flys along

However the trade off is - that after a short time, my host PC's CPU's
fan starts to sound like a Harrier Jump Jet taking off,
and (according to HTOP) It hits 100-117% utilisation !

3. Saved States

If I originally set up an stock A-1200 ('020 CPU)
and play the game for a while, and then save the state.

If I then decide to beef up the same config, with an '030 or an '040 CPU
load this updated config, but then load my previouse saved state.

What CPU am I using ?
The original '020 ?
or the new '030 / '040 from the newest selected config ?

As I was wondering if I could save a state.
improve the spec of the config (faster CPU + more RAM)
load this new config, load a previous saved state,
but retain the more powerful spec of the config.

TIA for any help or advice

Useful information:
Amiga emulator: FS-UAE 2.8.3 (downloaded from Synaptic)

PC details
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
OS type: 64-bit
DE: KDE 5.12.9
Kernel: 4.15.0-99-generic
CPU: 4x Intel Core-2 Q8200 (@2.33 Ghz)
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