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Well here's a thing to stumble on! beta 1.0 implies it is finished as far as coding goes then? I will not try it until I can get it running on a real Amiga with a Zipstik but it looks good on youtube if a slight jitter but that's emulator screen capture on the video I would imagine. Audio and pixel art as good as I could have hoped for though from what I saw, great job guys.

I used to play Nemesis and Salamander every day in the Summer of 1986 with my best mate and I did all the sprites for both in Neochrome but never had time to even read all of the hardware reference manual 1st edition let alone how to code it up. The key is how good is your blitter + 68000 shared coding to the standard it would need on my A1000, Konami might not have had a blitter on the motherboard but they sure did know how to code and their sprite hardware is almost as powerful as a blitter for this scenario so it is up there with Turrican 3 in difficulty to pull it off.

edit: PS I just download Beta v1.0 LHA from the zone but the Readme file states it is beta 0.2?
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