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This does vaguely ring a bell...It was hardly amiga user international though; surely a more gamey magazine would do such comparisons. I reckon it was amiga action or possibly 'the One'. It fits their style imo.

Oh man now I miss amiga action, it was fun. I bought the one, amiga action and amiga power every month.
Amiga power became a self indulgent pile of crap towards the end though. I quit buying it and it was almost like that was what the editorial staff wanted to happen. In fact the text was not legible in some issues due to questionable coulour desicions.

When the amiga started to sink only cu amiga and amiga format remained. I bought them instead though normally I never would have. I was a gamer all the way. Cu amiga had a damn good run of it. They were only avaeraging I think about 5,000 readers at one point. A.F closed at around the 5,000 readership mark, if I remember correctly.

Gosh, coverdisks were so much fun. It was the only way to try before you buy. Damn I miss coverdisks. They were filled with so much promise...
Truth be told, some things were precious, before the internet brought a deluge of ubiquity. You didn't have everything at your fingertips so you valued and sucked more joy from what you had.
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