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All of a sudden "Segmentation Fault"

Hi, I run my games using the command line in Ubuntu and getting the following error when running:

ade@ade-G41D3C:~/.local/share/applications$ fs-uae "/home/ade/Documents/FS-UAE/Configurations/Walker.fs-uae"
Segmentation fault
ade@ade-G41D3C:~/.local/share/applications$ fs-uae "/home/ade/Documents/FS-UAE/Configurations/Cannon Fodder.fs-uae"
Segmentation fault

Now i recently tried out the beta nvidia driver 340 series so i am presuming this is the problem so i will go back to the 337 series and see if the fault has gone...just reporting fs-uae is the only emulator i have problems with as regards this 340 beta driver


I can confirm on my machine the beta 340 nvidia driver does indeed cause a segmentation fault on my machine when running fs-uae. I went back to the 337 driver and all is fine. With the 340 driver on fs-uae seemed to have this problem none of my other emulators had this problem

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