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Problem starting game via startup-sequence

I have workbench 3.1 working using winuae. Im trying to get a game to run automatically through the startup-sequence.

The game is epsilon 9. It doesn't have a whdload. I did the hard drive install (which the game has) and the game works fine from hard drive when I double click on the epsilon_9 file. But when I add it to the main startup sequence it starts fine with the introduction but as soon as the next scene is going to play it exits back to workbench.

I also tried with winuae just using the harddrive install folder, adding C, libs, l, S etc... and trying that way without workbench but I get the same result.

The error message I get right after this happens is "Screen not opened" epsilon_9 failed returncode 20.

When I try to have it run with my workbench configured startup sequence I only added "new:epsilon_9" at the end just before endcli ("new:" being the folder with the hd install). And when I try to have it run with just the hd install folder in winuae I just put epsilon_9 in the startup sequence and nothing else.

I read of another game giving that same error message called sam & max. Both games use GRAC. By adding "Assign GRAC2: Work:Games/" for sam&max they got it working but it doesn't seem to work for me.

Any help plaese?
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