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Unhappy GVP G-force 030 board for A2000-problem switching between 030 and 68k

Hello, just found this site, will register, but just wanted some help with my 030 accelerator board. The problem I'm having is in disabling the 030 board to run older software that is not compatible. The instructions say that jumper J11 disables the board to allow the A2000 to operate in regualr 68k mode. this doesn't seem to work right, sometimes it seems to do nothing and the Amiga boots up with the 030 board activated no matter if the J11 jumper is opern or closed, other times it just seems to disable the entire computer and nothing hapens when I turn it on except for the HD starts up. Does anyone have this G-force board that can help me? Is there another way to disable the board for software compatibility? I've had a LOT of problems finding the correct use of the jumpers for this thing, the origianl instructions are bogus, I finally got it working by finding the jumper settings for my particular 40mhz/mmu/68882/030 board online, but disabling the board without opening up the Amiga and actually removing the board has eluded me. PLEASE HELP!!!
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