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K&A Plus Magazine #16 just fresh from the printing press!

The delayed holidays and an issue with the printouts of the english edition delayed this post a bit, but here it is finally!

We don't want to spoil it for you but I must tell you that in K&A Plus #16 you will find such juicy content as:
  • Read in depth reviews of Inviyya, Raid over Moscow, Tiny Galaga, and many other new releases.
  • Discover hidden gems you never thought of playing before!
  • Read interviews with the most prominent members of the community!
  • Awe at our galleries of 8 and 16 bit art.
  • Learn useful tips for your Amiga or C64, and even programming!
  • And above all, have a good time just like you used to do when you opened that fresh issue of CU Amiga, Amiga Format or ZZap64! when you were a kid!

Buy your printed issue (8€ + postage) or PDF (1.5€) now from

(Sorry about the primitive ordering system. We will come up with something better eventually.)

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