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Sci-Fi strategy game, chase alien mothership

I am looking for the name of an old space strategy game, maybe it is PD... I think I downloaded it from the Aminet or got it off one of their compilation CDs.

You had a static map with planets, and could scout and build bases on all of them.

The scout ship looked like the Enterprise. You would research new tech, and build weapons to fight against the aliens who are also colonizing that system. You put bases together in a square grid, every planet has a small area where you can build stuff.

Ground fights are mostly a static display, but in real time and a bit confusing, just try to have more soldiers than the enemy.

My endgame was always a bit lazy - there are two planet lasers, one can destroy random squares on a different planet, and the other planet laser can destroy the whole planet.

I used the latter to destroy all enemy strongholds and chase the alien mothership around until I had it cornered.

The game could be over in one evening and was quite satisfying.... does anyone have an idea what this might be?

Thank you!
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