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Futuristic Adventure around 1990

So I have been scouring through Hall of Light and various other databases, as well as looking through some Youtube videos and I seem to be unable to find the name of this game.

When I was a teenager (late 80ies or early 90ies) I was visiting a friend, who had a Amiga (I think), and we were playing a adventure sort of game.

It played inside an arcology kind of structure. It had a lot of mini games, so in the beginning, you had to work in a algae processing plant to earn the first money and as you progressed through the game, more money making opportunities would open up, leading to better apartments and access to more floors. Their was an elevator in the middle of the arcology and you would have restricted access at first, but could kind of cheat this by using stairs and so on.

There was a main story, but I can't remember it. I think it went in a kind of private investigator direction, but that might be completely off.

I have been trying to find this game for some time now, it's like an earworm. I dream about this. Sometimes I worry, I dreamt the whole thing. But I recently met the old friend and he confirms remembering the game.

As to the other questions from the sticky thread : I think it had 2D graphics. We had a German version of the game. I am not sure it even classifies as an Adventure. That's about it, unfortunately.
Oh, I do recall that it had a shit ton of discs and they had to be changed constantly.

Neither me nor my friend can recall any detail on the hardware, unfortunately. He only recalls that he had the computer only for a couple of months.

Any ideas, suggestions for other databases etc. are welcome. Thanks for reading so far!
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