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Linux + fs-uae-launcher + python 3.7.2 = Broken :(

Does Frode still visit these forums occasionally?

The latest version of python does not play well with fs-uae-launcher and results in the following crash:

enabling except hook
enable tread exception handler
uname_result(system='Linux', node='PC_1', release='4.20.10-200.fc29.x86_64', version='#1 SMP Fri Feb 15 18:33:14 UTC 2019', machine='x86_64', processor='x86_64')
FS-UAE Launcher 2.8.3
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/fs-uae-launcher/fsgs/", line 9, in <module>
    from lhafile import LhaFile
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'lhafile'
LhaFile module import problem
[SETTINGS] Constructor <fsbc.settings.Settings object at 0x7f5f7b1b85f8>
[SETTINGS] No settings path specified
[SETTINGS] Using default /home/toxicshadow/Documents/FS-UAE/Data/Settings.ini
[SETTINGS] Loading from /home/toxicshadow/Documents/FS-UAE/Data/Settings.ini
[SETTINGS] Set config_changed = 1
[SETTINGS] Set config_name = Unnamed Configuration
[SETTINGS] Set configurations_dir_mtime = 1550852071+30
[SETTINGS] Set fullscreen = 0
[SETTINGS] Set fullscreen_mode = fullscreen
[SETTINGS] Set kickstarts_dir_mtime = 1550852071
[SETTINGS] Set last_cd_dir = /mnt/nas_games/emulators/roms/amiga/CD32_ISO/sleepwalker
[SETTINGS] Set last_floppy_dir = /home/toxicshadow/Downloads
[SETTINGS] Set last_hd_dir = /mnt/nas_games/emulators/roms/amiga/whd
[SETTINGS] Set last_rom_dir = /home/toxicshadow/Documents/FS-UAE/Kickstarts
[SETTINGS] Set last_scan = 1417350508.4891355
[SETTINGS] Set last_settings_page = Maintenance
[SETTINGS] Set maximized = 0
[SETTINGS] Set scan_configs = 1
[SETTINGS] Set scan_files = 1
[SETTINGS] Set scan_roms = 1
[SETTINGS] Set video_sync_method = swap-fence
[I18N] Initialize_locale language = 
[I18N] Locale is en_GB
[I18N] Checking /usr/bin/share/fs-uae-launcher/share-dir
[I18N] Checking /usr/bin/../share/fs-uae-launcher/share-dir
[I18N] bindtextdomain fs-uae-launcher: /usr/bin/../share/locale
[I18N] find translations for en_GB in local directory /usr/bin/../share/locale
[I18N] Path to mo file: None
[I18N] Translations object: <gettext.NullTranslations object at 0x7f5f7b1b8860>
malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted
KCrash: Application 'python3.7' crashing...
 Alarm clock

I can confirm that downgrading python to 3.6.8 allows it to run without issue.
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