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hmm, wanted to change settings with MidiPorts, now it does not save the prefs anymore.
will try what you said.

#1) does not work here, i see it playing notes, but does not start the windows midi mapper,
unlike uaemdi did before, but now nothing works.
removed midi.prefs , have internal serial, internal and uaemidi as available listed.
now i cannot select uaemidi anymore so it does not even play-crash anymore, great ...

#2) success.
deleted envarc:sys/midi.prefs
devs:midi has internal and uaemidi

start DM2 and select in Settings Midi -> out.0 and in.0

and it does now play the midi file

#3) record does not work, using midi yoke. i guess the record button is next to the play button?
cannot see anything coming in. but play at least does work.

#4) camouflage 2.40 does work also with camd.library v37 - using in.0 and out.0

thanks for assistance

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