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Originally Posted by Foul View Post
using A4000/040, log attached
Uhm, ..yes Version 1.3.10 does not like that the cpu speed is dynamically changed from max to non-max... -Will likely make a release with fix tonight.

Also, just a note about the your config: video_sync = low_latency_vsync is invalid, (low_latency_vsync = 1 is valid, but only when full video sync is enabled). And also, full video sync is never enabled in fastest possible mode.

You said somewhere that you couldn't run the 32-bit version of fs-uae. But if you run Ubuntu 12.04, you can actually download and install the 32-bit deb due to the new great debian multiarch system (and 32-bit libraries will be pulled in as necessary). -Could be useful if you want to try jit, for instance...

In the upcoming FS-UAE 1.3.11, the 32-bit version will also work with large files (> 4GB hdf), which it currently does not. So if anyone here has had trouble with 32-bit fs-uae and large hdf files (or possibly trying to read large memory cards directly on Linux), you should try again when the next version is out!

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