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Where did my installation go?

I rarely use WinUAE, but I had ClassicWB installed just for that rare occasion, and it's been a while since I used it. Last time I used it was up to 6 months ago or so, but now when I load up winuae and look for a configuration, none of them are called classicwb and I can't find anything like that anywhere. Only configuration files I can find are the preinstalled A1200 and A4000 ones, and they want me to install ClassicWB again every time. I know I have it installed, because the game I played last in ClassicWB is still installed in the HARDDRIVE folder (Syndicate).

So, I guess the question is, why does ClassicWB want to start over every time? I assume because I use the wrong configuration, but why in the hell isn't that automatically saved after installing the first time?
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