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Originally Posted by Mousey View Post
I mentioned this in another thread, but thought it was significant enough to have its own thread.

FS-UAE Launcher 2.5.20dev launches in about 2 seconds. 2.5.21/22dev take about 22 seconds! This is from a fresh boot into Windows 7 64 bit.
I have found the problem. It was somewhat interesting. A combination of issues in the mingw-w64 port of python3 caused python to try to look up the path /\Dlls\python3.dll, which Windows of course normalizes to \\Dlls\python3.dll. So the delay is caused by Windows trying to resolve "Dlls" as a Windows network address...

I have created a fix for this issue (and will send the patch to the upstream MSYS2 project).

Originally Posted by Mousey View Post
I noticed that the installer has gone from 24MB (2.5.20) to 34MB. Not a problem in these days of broadband / large hard drives, but I was surprised nonetheless.
I have checked this as well. The main reason for the increased size is related to upgrading QT4 -> QT5. More specifically, the ICU library which QT5 uses, which by itself uses about 30 MB uncompressed! (most of it turns out to be Unicode data). With the new build system, it is relatively easy to switch between QT4 and QT5, so I may just as well revert to QT4 for the time being.

I have uploaded a new build here:
- Uses QT4 (installer should be smaller again)
- Includes fix for slow startup

Please test/verify if you can
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