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Originally Posted by RCK
It seems a normal comportement there:

1- You create a thead with email notification "on"
2- Someone replies, you receive one email
3- You won't receive anymore email notification until you post again in the thread
no, i explain better: you see, i have some post in this thread. let' say that i have browser closed and i have not checked EAB so far after my last post. i have no received e mails after my last post even if someone HAS answered. so i start the e-mail client: no answer. i think that there's no post on this thread after my post. So i fire up the browser, check the thread. there are posts after mine: in fact you HAVE answered. so i check the e-mail client again, while i'm logged in EAB: nothing again
so i read your post, i answer this post.
i close the browser.
in 5 minutes my e-mail client will receive notify that you have answered! (hour 21.11)
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