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Two main functions: to reset the system (Ctrl+both Amiga keys), and as shortcut keys. The Right Amiga key is for application-specific shortcuts, similar to the Apple key on the Mac and Ctrl on the PC - Right-Amiga-C is copy for example, Right-Amiga-Q is quit.

The left Amiga key is for OS-wide shortcuts, for example left-Amiga-cursor keys moves the mouse pointer, left-Amiga-left-Alt left-clicks the mouse, left-Amiga-right-Alt right-clicks the mouse, left-Amiga-V confirms a requester, left-Amiga-B cancels a requester, left-Amiga-M cycles through screens, left-Amiga-N brings Workbench to the front (I may have those two mixed up...) and there are others (and variations on them).
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