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Gotek/Cortex/HxC floppy emulator

Gotek/Cortex and HxC floppy emulators can use an Amiga program to communicate (to some extent) with the unit, to select disk image etc.

I don't have one of these, but I could disassemble the SELECTOR (Cortex) & HXCFEMNG (HxC) programs to figure out how they work, then WinUAE could support the selection method. Instead of choosing an ADF for DF0: you'd select a directory with ADF files in (e.g. your USB stick). And WinUAE would initially choose the selector ADF from that directory. Could maybe be useful for people with the actual hardware.

Do the Cortex and HxC programs use the same method of communication?
Does FlashFloppy support similar functionality?

[btw having WinUAE support .hfe images would be helpful.]

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