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Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
then you have FFloppy on the gotek, its something silly, it might be that the USB stick is not compatible , try another if you can,compatibility can be a problem,but it can still be a bad flash , have you tried to update the Gotek by putting another .upd file in the root of the USB and holding the two buttons down for a few seconds ?,
I say this because I trashed the firmware doing this(my Fault) and had to reflash the Gotek with the Flash Floppy F/ware again
Have tried three or four sticks with the same problem, so doubt that is the problem.

And yes, I have updated the gotek with ff 0.8.1.a.

I got this on the display:


Update mode, update 56, clear flash, and reflashing I guess or whatever Pr9 stands for?

No error code at least.

That being said, I think I might have found the problem. I'll just have to bring out my A500 from storage to double-check. If it works as it should on that one I probably need to find my soldering gear...I missed it the first time around on the flash-floppy thread but it seems like I might need to make a minor change to the motherboard since this is an Escom A1200.

As in this thread:
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