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Amiberry on Raspbian (pi) help

Hi everyone.

I had a real Amiga 500 a couple of years ago but then sold it as it was taking too much space for how much use it got. I've been tempted to dabble again so I dug out my pi 400 and downloaded amiberry for the pi 4.

I downloaded and installed the various sdl redistributables as per instructions on the github page for amiberry.

I put my legit amiga forever sourced kickstart 1.3 into the kickstart folder, as well as the encryption key file.

I can run the amiberry executable just fine and change settings etc but when it comes to running an adf it goes back to the desktop and the pi completely freezes. I also see two task bars, one on top of the other, and the top of the screen is cut off (as if it's overlaying a second desktop over the the first, 30 pixels up the screen).

Any ideas what is going on here?
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