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Today I had time to lie in Tynius I noticed that:

- I have never had a blue bonus, of those that destroy all enemies.

- level with easter island heads, it's really hard. I happened to die many times from hitting parts of invisible scenery, even the number of bullets from the heads seems a bit excessive (in this case the slowing down of this part helps).
- I had 1 option, the missile and I took the bonus [?], after consuming it I was no longer able to take an OPTION, even having lit it, it did not give it to me. The problem resolved after he died.

- I have an idea - suggestion (I don't know if it can be implemented in the final version) you could add an option (in the title screen), to have the corners of the screen highlighted in order to allow the adjustment of the crt monitors to expand to full screen the game. (to recreate the arcade experience even more)

Hello and great work, as always

tested on Amiga 600 (2chip + 4fast)

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