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Is this dead...?

I had a idea...

Copy and rename one of the templates to `template.json` to use it
so it replaces the one already there.

How To...
Copy `template_A500.json` and paste it in the same folder so its a copy of the file,
`template_A500 - Copy.json` now delete `template.json` and rename `template_A500 - Copy.json`
to `template.json`
Now UCG will use that template.
Its so you can change gameslist and change the kickstart, so like if you want to scan a folder with Demos in you just change the template to `template_Demos.json`and rename it

I am using this with PCUAE and P-UAE, it now included with PCUAE so you can make UAE file cause PCUAE uses the older version of P-UAE in Retroarch that needs a UAE file to run games with.

PCUAE has nothing to do with WinUAE, its stands for Project Carousel USB - Anniversary Edition, it runs on THEC64 Mini, THEC64 Maxi and THEVIC 20 by Retro Games LTD, PCUAE is like Hackchi. It was created by me and if you look for PCUAE on Google you find it in the first listing, I made it for me cause I wanted to be able to play my own games on THEC64 Mini Carousel using a USB Stick to store them on and no one was interested in hacking the machines, so I did...

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