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Thomas The Tank Engine 2 via WHDLoad

Hello all,

I was setting up GAAE for my A600 (excellent work by Paul (RIP)) - perfect for the A600 with 2MB and suprisingly ran 2 disk games too - not tried 3 disk but I doubt they would work or even something like Monkey Island?!

I was playing Thomas The Tank Engine 2 earlier via WHDLoad and noticed that there was graphics corruption when selecting anything other than 68000 for CPU. Is this something which happens on the real hardware as well? I was contemplating CPU upgrade for the 'exit' key for WHDLoad but not sure if others have experienced this?


Update: Monkey Island 2 runs! It is slow to boot but I'm happy it works!
Update 2: Beneath A Steel Sky doesn't work - although, I managed to manually get it to display the WHDLoad screen by doing a completely stripped down boot (disabled startup-sequence and typed in location - game me best part of 18000+KB free which helped)

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