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Originally Posted by Jpor View Post
Well. I thought I’d best update this thread.
So long story short; The 040 25mhz and XTAL were soldered to the board. So I left the 040 25 in and removed the original 50 MHz and put in some XTAL removable posts.
I have now fitted a 66mhz XTAL as well as a good heatsink on the CPU.
So far so good. The 603e appears to be working fine including the built in SCSI.
Benchmarking with sysinfo shows I’m 1.33 times faster than a 25mhz stock 040.
SCSI seems to have improved? The system appears to be slightly quicker and snappy, but this could be psychological.
It's not in your head. it's quicker. well done

The 040 gets a REALLY bad press, mostly from people hearing urban myths and rumours. Yes, it runs hotter than an 060, it would do at 5V. But this is easily tamed with some cooling, It's all about the mask, i have seen 040's that run cooler than 060's, although yours is an earlier mask, and will run toasty, but it's going fine for you. imagine that eh?

I have a full fat 040 in a spare card here, a 40Mhz part, that gets just under 30,000 in sysinfo.

enjoy your mod
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