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Originally Posted by Jpor View Post
Okay. But mine is a A1200 Blizzard 603e 040/PPC card and not a A3000/4000 Cyberstorm card.

As I’ve explained I’m not after upgrading to an 060 from an 040, just looking to get a small upgrade speed with a spare 040
LOL! - Had another blonde moment there didn't I. It's definitely summat to with getting 0ld0r....

However, take heed.

Whilst it might appear to be just a case of you swapping the CPU for the Faster part & change the relevant X-Tal to run the 040 @ it's suggested speed, it's not because of several factors.

I'd leave the 50Mhz X-Tal alone. That X-Tal plus a selection of soldered resistors give the PPC Chip is Multiplier & resultant CPU Speed. You could fry the PPC Chip if you do this by clocking it beyond a safe frequency..

As you have the + version, she has on board SCSI II. Most SCSI controllers don't like being overclocked. - If I understand correctly, overclocking from 25Mhz to 33Mhz will also overclock the SCSI Bus on these cards as well. Even if it appears to work without issue, over use & time, she just might loose her magic smoke because you fried the SCSI Logic too.

A 33Mhz 040 should give you around 23 MIPS over an 040 @ 25Mhz yielding approximately 19 MIPS. - 4 Million Instructions a Second more is not to be sniffed at when you're chugging away @ 19, but as already mentioned, is it worth the risk?

A dead 4 MIPS faster board is not worth as much as an original working board. For the small increase in performance in this Day & Age, I'd leave it alone.

At worst, swap it for a Newer part & run cooler at the same speed.

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