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Solution found

Looking at what jotd has put, I was going to write my own short program to swap colour indexes but thought I'd have a look at Gimp first and after a few Googles found out how to swap two colours using Colour Exchange option - simples! Just pick the colour you want to swap and swap it with another. Changing the ever present pink to black worked okay as outline of sprites is not pure black. Png loads into Ppaint and can change the background back to pink here and save in iff format if needed.

Still a lot of sprite sheets to convert but at least it's an hour or so rather than days of redrawing!

Now just need to sort out palette and decide on 16 or 32 colours? Easy option would be AGA dual playfield but graphically game really doesn't need it and as there is no parallax, I will probably go for 32 colours. We shall see.

Thanks again for all your ideas - put me on the right track.
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