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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
I wonder how many indigenous MegaZone readers imported Amiga Action from the UK and spotted the regurgitated content? I'd be a bit miffed if I'd paid for some of the same articles twice.
Yeah I wonder that too as a lot of UK magazines did get imported here so it really wouldn't surprise me if someone got a Amiga Action mag and a Megazone, saw the same articles and thought "what the.." haha!

Just had to go edit my older posts in this thread to change all my links to the archive itself as unfortunately some bloody musician decided to call themselves Megazone and someone's backed up their stuff to archiveorg resulting it their music appearing in my magazine collection. :/ So I've gone in and edited all 56 rescued items in the collection to have a new 'more specific' author/creator name of "Megazone Magazine" which should hopefully stop any future mixups with other people using the word megazone in their stuff!

Basically I changed this:

To this:

Oh and no new exciting magazine finds to report sadly!

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