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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
Are you aware there are some stray games review pages taken from Amiga Action lurking in at least a few of these PDFs? Some examples can be seen in issues 19 and 20. I don't think a cross-publishing relationship was in place so suspect something went wrong.

Thanks for sharing anyway. I'm enjoying checking out what the other side of the globe had to say about so many of the things that shaped my childhood.

One thing that leapt out at me is an ad for the Atari Lynx. It's totally alien to the UK marketing industry to reference other brands. Here they mention Reebok Pumps and a particular model of skateboard/deck in the headlining slogan.

There's also an interesting section on Sega's wordprocessor cartridge. Not something you'd naturally associate with the company that gave us the Mega Drive and Sonic.
You think a scanning accident is more likely than a cross publishing arrangement? lol

I didn't do those ones but I've looked and considering every page in issues 19 and 20 are numbered and have the magazine name written on the bottom I don't think it's a scanning accident.

In this era of the magazine's history it was being worked on in the same offices as Sega Ozisoft (who were also the main distributor for a lot of non-Sega computer stuff in Australia too eg probably Amiga) and some of the staff on the mag actually worked for Sega (hence the lack of Nintendo coverage haha). Eventually Sega would take full ownership of the mag but still continue to publish Amiga content (likely due to those connections). So I'd say that they had the necessary connections to arrange use Amiga reviews from Europe. I know a guy that worked there during this time so I can check with him to be sure though.

Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the read! There's certainly some rare gems covered in those mags (ie crazy sega extensions that never made it out of Japan but back then they thought/hoped that they might lol).


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