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I spent the last two days exploring the whole "Hunter" mission map because I want to continue this project as it seems like the one that has nothing that could block the developing progress.

Some things I found (some have already been covered in the interview with Paul Holmes):
  • There is a single cow which seems to flee from the player like ducks and rabbits do
  • Speaking of wich, there are two buildings which have a bunch of rabbits and ducks in them, respectively.
  • Sometimes, small animals like seagulls and vultures get stuck on buildings (even while flying). Going near any small animal which is stuck will result in a "you can't carry any more ducks/seagulls/...".
  • The Green Monk living in his tree stump ("Welcome to my abode my friend")
  • One building contains a "Lazer Stack" (easter egg I presume?)
  • The submarine (actually just it's periscope). It wasn't moving, though.
  • Tripmines (I never knew about those things before).

I made screenshots of all objects in the game so I can accurately remodel them, although in the case of the small animals, some imagination is required as they are often just a bunch of pixels.
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