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Total Amiga - any cop?

Originally posted by Zeewolf
Whats Total Amiga like? Is it a good read? Is it worth its money?
Dunno. Never bought it. The website offers all of the previous issues in PDF format, so you can download them and find out. It seems pretty professionally done, and all on Amigas at that. It is quarterly, so up-to-date news probably isn't its aim. It is going bi-monthly in 2002, however. The makers seem like a cool bunch, who laudably seek to make no profit from it.

How many pages roughly? (not worth paying for if theres only a few pages?)
The website states 39.5 pages of non-advertising content in the latest issue.

What does it cover? Any retro stuff?
Will they be dealing with the new so called Amiga?
They appear to review significant product releases, so I assume they will cover the new Amiga.

Will there be 4 more issues? (I'd be gutted if it packed in before my subscription ended!!)
It has been running for 3 years, so I think it is safe to assume that it will carry on for some time yet. A single issue costs £3.50, if a subscription is too much commitment.

Sorry about all the questions!!
Dat's okay.
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