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Originally Posted by Vicky View Post
Additionally, getting an Ethernet card in the United States could take a long time. I have ordered parts from Germany and the order takes weeks to arrive AFTER it has been paid for and I lose all ability to track it after it arrives at customs in Frankfurt. Ordering parts from England is just as bad. I have had orders take weeks to come out of pending staus AFTER they have been paid for. I would really like an NTSC to RGB adapter and have been trying for weeks to find an Australian named amigaqmaniac to buy one. Very frustrating.
I'm not sure of the "long time" to get a working A2065 with an AUI adapter sent from the Mid-West to AZ, I'd like $130 plus the cost of shipping though. I could include a MiamiDX keyfile to complete your Miami DX TCP/IP -- easy to setup if you already know the vocabulary.

As far as an "NTSC to RGB adapter" goes, you will have to define what you need.
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