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Wink Tcp/iop

I would actually like to eventually do all 3 options. I am MOST interested in seeing if Amiga Explorer will REALLY work with TCP/IP. I have my doubts.

I would like to, in this order, do all 3 of your options.

1. Configure MiamiDx, which is free. It saves my budget this month.

2. Buy RoadShow. See above about budget.

3. Get an Ethernet card.

I don't anticipate needing any help once I do this for the first time. I'm an ex PC network administrator and all I really need is help doing it for the first time. Additionally, my hom,e network has 6 or 7 computers and 3 printers on it and I would really like to have some idea how to do this before I plug into my router and add that piece to the puzzle.

Thanks so much for your offer to help.
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