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Amiga Explorer TCP/IP via serial cable

Dearest Vicky,

The RoadShow 68K version is dead simple. Unlha it, click install, copy one file from the Storage directory to the DEVS directory and reboot. But RoadShow will set you back about $45 USD. It is the best Amiga program to be written in years.

I am surprised that with all your hardware you don't have an Amiga Ethernet card. One will only set you back about $125 USD. The A2000 can really only connect to your network with one, although there are other slow and problematic options. On the other hand there are expensive and slick options too.

Give us an idea of where you want to go in solving your problem and help will be on the way, i.e., do you want to spend the 45 USD for RoadShow, do you want to configure MiamiDX (free but slower and more of a hassle)? Do you want to buy an Ethernet card?

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