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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
If you send me the images I can convert them to 256 colors and to whatever format in seconds with UPaint if that's what you/it need/s.

Getting the right size is another thing, but I could resize them one by one. It should be a multiple of the right size because if not it should be cutted and if you need hundreds then that's a problem.
Well, another thing is one needs to name each screenshot with the filename corresponding with each game code. This is a code used for each of the games in the KGLoad game archive. if so, this is alot of work. Unless someone has an easier way of doing it. As I said, I tried renaming a igame screenshot with the code of a specific game from the KGLoad games archive and got the screenshot to show in KGLoad for that game.

Anyway, here is a download for iGame screenshots/Titles if you want to play around with this

Edit: TCD has not been logged on since 5th of February, so still no answer sadly. Also, If someone knows how to get hold of KillerGorilla maybe we could talk him into working with the KGLoad again. I would be willing to donate money for this. All game screenshots and cover arts would be just wonderful.

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