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Hey yall,
I'm trying to get KGLoad set up on my A1200, but I can't get it to scan more than one directory.
My WHDLoad is in DH1:Games and is broken up into 1,A-Z folders (so DH1:Games/1, DH1:Games/A, DH1:Games/B etc)
I saw the post early on stating there is no subdir scanning, so I have to specify each folder in profile.ini but that isn't working.
I can set GameDir=DH1:Games/1 and that works fine, it scans the games in that dir and they are playable, but as soon as I try to add on a comma and another directory and rescan, it goes through the motions, the hard drive works for about a minute, but when it finishes, there are no games at all.

What do I need to do to get this to scan all my games?

For reference, I have an A1200, OS 3.1 with an Indy AGA MK2 and an ACA 1232. I have an 80GB HD that is split into 2 partitions, DH0: is 4GB and DH1: is about 75GB.

EDIT: Also for reference, I have an error.log, but it only contains a complaint about missing iff.library that I already remedied.

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