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KGLoad Beta released


With the aid of TCD, I've decided to resurrect my WHDLoad Games launcher/loader/frontend "KGLoad".

It loads WHDLoad games from a simple menu system, with screenshots and boxart displayed.

There's been a lot of changes since the previous beta, and I'm really happy with how it's progressing.

I would be grateful if people could give it a whirl and let me have your feedback.

It should auto-detect PAL/NTSC and AGA/ECS and adjust accordingly.

I have no idea how much RAM you'll need but I'd guess that if you're running WHDLoad you should be fine

NOTE: DO NOT DISABLE StoreInfo or StorePath in the profile.ini for now, it WILL crash kgload

Download v1.0b6 HERE



Edit the Profile.ini file stored in KGLoad/Profiles/Default and set your GameDir(s) to point to where your whdload games are stored.

The game scanner recognises everything in my packs, it will support Retroplay's packs in the near future but there is more I want to get finished first.

Just go to Options > Scan Games.

The demos database is not included at the moment, again this'll come in a future version.

There are some screenshots and ONE boxart in the zip at the moment, I've included these to aid testing, but they'll be fully updated later.

I'll sort out some kind of full feature list later but for now, here's the controls.

Joystick Controls

Fire / Red: Load item
Button 2 / Blue: Back out of a menu
Rewind / Forward: Scroll a page up / down
Play: Quit

Keyboard Controls:

Return: Load item
Escape: Back out of a menu
Up / Down: Scroll up / down
Ctrl-Up / Ctrl-Down: Scroll to top / bottom
Shift-Up / Shift-Down: Scroll a page up / down
Ctrl-F1 > Ctrl-F5: Rate a game
Ctrl-Del: Clear rating
F6: Previous screenshot
F7: Next screenshot
F8: Previous boxart
F9: Next boxart
F10: Quit
Numbers/Letters: Search to nearest match
Backspace: Remove letter from search
Delete: clear search
Tab: Start search (if SearchAsYouType is not enabled)

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