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Originally Posted by keropi
The A4000 I just got has some strange 3.1 rom chips!
they look like small pcb's with 2 chips on the side under and their pins are so fragile, I broke 2 when removed one to see it better, actually they are rows of pins you buy on electronic stores... although they have C sticker on them, are they original? they look like bootlegs to me! LOL
They're original. The giveaway are the chips marked from Singapore.

also why the commodore 030 A4000 cpu card although it has an EC030 cpu it is reported by showconfig to also have an MMU ?
Weird. AFAIK C= didn't make A4000s with full 030 (and the BBOAH says as much). Try SysSpeed or SysInfo and see what they report.
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