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Measuring time/frames

I'm trying to check wether I get everything done inside the duration of a frame (ie, in a 50th of a second). Assuming I had a way of measuring time sufficiently accurately, I could measure the time before I 'do my stuff', and then again at the end. Within each frame, I mean.

This is for application in a demo, so the measuring would preferably have as small an influence as possible. I'm using Photon's frame loop, btw, so this is what it would look like:

;-- main loop start
    btst.b  #0,$dff005          
    bne.s   waitFrame1
    cmp.b   #$2a,VHPOSR
    bne.s   waitFrame1
    cmp.b   #$2a,VHPOSR
    beq.s   waitFrame2

;-- frame loop start
    ;TODO: timeStart = current time
    ;do my stuff
    ;TODO: timeStop  = current time
    ;TODO: duration  = timeStop - timeStart
    ;TODO: assert that duration < 20 milliseconds
;-- frame loop end

;-- main loop end
    btst    #CIAB_GAMEPORT0,CIAAPRA ;LMB pressed?
    bne.b   mainLoop
If this is not an option (and I honestly don't think it will be), I could probably measure the duration of the whole mainLoop and count the frames, I guess, and assert the 'mean frame execution duration' is fast enough.

So anyway, does anybody have any other thoughts on how to go about this?
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