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Selection of ADF-File

Hello everyone.
I am new to EAB but i am in no way new to the amiga computer. I have a small collection of computers including 2xA500 1xA600 1xA2000a
I am now complementing my collection with a "modern" amiga solution where i run Linux (lubuntu) as a backend and fs-uae as a frontend and it works fantastically. It boots straight into my workbench lika a real amiga and f12 makes it possible to insert diskimages while everything else runs from HDD (whdload). It runs on a cheap thin client with a celeron 1800J and works flawlessly.

Here is my one and only problem.
Seeing as it boots straight into fs-uae (which is fantastic) i pointed out all of my ".adf" files in the configfile for fs-uae. When i press f12 to mount a adf file it lists all my ".adf" files along the right border of the screen but the list doesn't scroll when selecting a file. I can only see the first couple of adf files and the rest is listed outside of the screen area.
How could this be resolved?
Is this something that might be fixed in a future version?
Anyone else found this to be a problem?

Not counting this small problem fs-uae is (according to me) by far the best amiga frontend for creating a "modern" amiga alternative for the livingroom.
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