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Amiga Search Tool (for craigslist)

Hi all,

I've created a little app to help find Amiga related ads on craigslist.

Its a small executable with one config file.
The config file contains a list of url's (search url's based on city) that perform the searches. I've pre-populated the config file with some test cities. You will want to tailor this with your local area (maybe).

You can generate a url for your target city by searching craigslist manually then pressing the "RSS" link in the lower-right corner and copying the URL to the config file.

The application will search all the urls listed in the config file and return you one result-set. Clicking on the result you want to see, the details will be loaded and shown (along with a link to the actual craigslist ad).

It has turned out to be a handy little tool IMHO.
The program was written in C#.Net and requires .Net Framework 2.0 be installed, so install that first you do not have it.

Download it here:

Feedback and suggestions welcome

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