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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
That doesn't make much sense to me? Especially when we are talking about WHDLoad which essentially provides compatibility.

Another user mentioned a CDTV which would be considered an A500 with CD Drive and the problem still exists.

I think what Galahad said could be close to what is happening or maybe it is a quirky problem due to the data disk images being broken up while with is being read from the CD and loaded into the RAM.

I suspect when both slaves are rewritten one day the problem will most likely fix itself. I've only experienced it with these two specific games and I have tested over 500 different games at least.
whdload or floppy some games do not works on the cd32 for unknown reasons
I just tried cool spot using cd32 emulation on winuae,(floppy original version) it doesn't work,intro start without the noise when the hero is cleaning his glasses,menu works but I press start and nothing happens
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